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Thank Facebook for Friday

Facebook‘s celebrating a Milestone on Friday. That’s when the new Timeline for all Pages is coming, ready or not. Panicking about what this means for your business? It’s not too late to prepare – get your Page ready now, with Watershed PR‘s eleventh hour guide.

1 ) Find a fabulous landscape image to use as your cover photo – Emily‘s Hive Beach picture works well on her Totallydorset Facebook Page.



None of this is set in stone – in fact, you can change the cover photo every day if you want to. And thinking creatively, that would be a great way to boost engagement levels. Remember, this space is not meant for promos, coupons or adverts. Your cover photo should not be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright.

2 ) Choose a profile picture – if you’re a company, it’s best to use your logo. This helps you get round the strict rules on cover photos.

3 ) Customise your tabs – custom tab photos and names allow you to draw attention to your freebies or calls to action. You’re allowed to feature up to 12 apps at the top of your Timeline. However, the photos tab will always come first – so make sure it’s a good picture that grabs the attention.

4 ) Don’t forget stars and pins – research conducted on the big brands that have switched to Timeline confirms what we already know – people engage more with large pictures and videos. Use the star button to expand these so they fit the whole width of your timeline. (Note – this works much better for landscape, rather than portrait images). Use the pin to anchor it to the top of your page for 7 days, so it isn’t buried by other stories. This is perfect for highlighting special offers and events, such as the Giant Easter Egg Hunt at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens.

5 ) Check out your new admin panel – this lets you manage everything from one dashboard, far easier than the unwieldy method of laboriously clicking through several pages to get at the data you need. From here, you can change the name of your page, create new ads, and keep an eye on messages, notifications, new likes, and of course your Insights. You can stop people posting on your timeline if you want to – not recommended by Watershed PR, as the holy grail of all social media marketing is upping your user engagement levels. Users can now message you, as the Page Admin. You can turn this off, but again, we wouldn’t recommend it, because this has the potential to become a very powerful tool for customer service and market research.

6 ) Social proof – people visiting your Page can see a list of their friends who like the Page, what their friends are saying about the Page, and recent posts to the Page made by others. This is very important for social media marketers, because if a visitor to your page sees that he/she has friends who have interacted with your page, they might be more enticed to stick around and become a fan themselves.

7 ) Mark your special occasions – click on Milestones in your status box to mark significant events in your brand’s history. Box clever by describing Milestones that will refer more traffic back to your other online content – such as the date your blog was born, for example.

8 ) Read all about it – Facebook has published an official guide to Timelines to keep you on the right track. Or you can brush up on your know-how with the interactive course. Be inspired by the way other brands such as Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s use the new Page design. Check out Pam Moore on Social Media Today  for a handy list of 22 Facebook resources.

Good luck, Timeliners, and here’s to Friday!

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