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Kingcombe Aquacare

Kingcombe Aquacare

Kingcombe Aquacare offers water management services to a large array of clients, and their website is therefore fairly substantial, and their most important marketing tool. We were tasked to create a mobile-friendly easy-to-use website which would become a real showcase for the vast range of services offered by Kingcombe.

Large pictures accompany pages and blog posts, and the inclusion of prominent embedded YouTube videos and social media feeds mean that new content is constantly being published to the website, which in turn boosts the search engine ranking. When the site was launched, Watershed continued to work with Kingcombe in order to fettle the search engine optimisation in order for the site to be put in front of the right people.

Kingcombe staff have now developed the site further, and full training on key aspects of maintaining has been given. We continue to work with Kingcombe on an ongoing basis to answer technical support queries and provide further training, along with other services such as design, photography and video.

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