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Welcome to Mapperton House & Gardens

Category: Video

Welcome to Mapperton House & Gardens introductory video

We started working with Mapperton at the beginning of 2016 and have visited regularly to gather a collection of beautiful photographs and shoot an introductory film. As the same time, a complete management of social media led to the page likes more than doubling, over 14,000 views of the ‘Welcome to Mapperton House and Gardens’ video, and a new Instagram account following of nearly 14,000 (all figures as of February 2020).

The introductory film features both the gardens and the interior of the house, with careful use of lighting, good weather conditions and the use of ‘gun’ and radio microphones to ensure excellent sound quality.

Alongside this, in 2018 we revamped Mapperton’s Guidebook with new copy and photography, working closely with the Earl and Countess of Sandwich, delivering a beautiful and popular accompaniment to a visit to Mapperton.

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