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Simon Thomas Pirie

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Simon Thomas Pirie furniture maker videos

As a luxury furniture brand, Simon Pirie understood the absolutely essential requirement of the highest quality photography and video of his work. To date, Watershed has crafted three beautiful kitchen videos (with over 45,000 views between them) and photographed pieces in a studio.

Over the course of four months, Watershed visited the studio where a large-scale kitchen in English walnut was being designed and built. We then filmed onsite, during installation and once everything was finished. Sitting down with Simon and John Beaves, we edited a 12-minute piece, which was thorough and informative. We tend to apply a general rule for online video for it not to be longer than two minutes, but because of the quality and cost of the product, both Watershed and Simon Thomas Pirie were willing to break this rule.

Simon played the showcase video, ‘The English Walnut Kitchen’, to all his subsequent kitchen clients. He says it’s still one of his most effective marketing tools. Watershed has since created two further kitchen videos of a similar format, each time employing advanced filming and lighting techniques, conducting interviews with Simon and John Beaves with high quality personal microphones.

The English Walnut Kitchen

A Cook & Wine Lover’s Kitchen

The Fire and Water Kitchen

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