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Photography / case studies

Watershed has at its disposal a full-frame 45-megapixel digital SLR camera with a suite of lenses. With it, we can capture superb photography in a wide range of situations, including low light, fast-moving action, time-lapse and small, enclosed spaces. Stephen spends his spare time photographing landscapes in both the day and the night, so is constantly taking photographs and picking up editing skills.

One of our specialisms is detailed technical photography. We have photographed products in a studio environment to create a seamless white background, perfect for use in brochures! When a studio cannot be arranged, we can edit out any background and carefully light the scene using flashes and external lighting sources.

In the past, we have photographed product launches, trade shows, floodlighting events, portraits, landscapes, team group shots, food, factories, boat building yards, architecture and much more.

We are currently adding more case studies to this website. Please check back soon!

Willow Deer At The Enchanted Floodlit Gardens At Abbotsbury

Enchanted Floodlit Gardens at Abbotsbury

Photography of popular outdoor event at night.
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JetBlack Rebranding For Air Control Industries

JetBlack for Air Control Industries

Technical photography and video for industrial safety equipment.
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